How To Choose a Rice Color Sorter

How To Choose a Rice Color Sorter

What is A Rice Color Sorter Designed For?

SG rice color sorter is your definitive optical sorting machine for all types of rice. You can use it to solve moldy rice, broken rice, and foreign impurities problems, significantly improving rice quality.

Clean Rice By Color: You can use the machine to clean any rice at a highly effective and remove foreign impurities like sand, glass, and moldy rice by their color properties.

Divide rice into full sizes, and broken sizes: how to remove broken sizes from milled rice is a headache during rice processing. Based on their shapes, a rice color sorter could recognize the full-size and broken sizes.

Loop sorting system reduces the waste: the reverse sorting mode is more effective in picking out the good rice from the waste, and you can use a built-in loop sorting system to reduce the waste.

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Why You Need A Rice Color Sorter ?

Rice security is a big problem for end consumers, and no one will refuse quality rice. A rice color sorter is not only a cleaning machine but also high-precision sorting equipment.

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Meet Your Multiple Sorting Needs

Both “ color sorting” and “shape sorting” are two crucial and unique sorting functions of rice color sorters that allow you to sort the rice in different ways. You may also use its loop sorting function to reduce the waste in the secondary sorting process.

New Generation AI Smart Sorting

SG 5th generation rice color sorter combines InGaAs sorting technology and Smart Sorting technology. Just need one click on the operation panel, and the machine automatically chooses a reasonable sorting solution.

Suitable For Automatic Milling System

It is easy to connect the color sorter with the rice milling system. You can use the machine with the system together or individually.

How does the rice color sorter work?

The rice color sorter is a machine that uses photoelectric technology to automatically sort out the particles of different colors in the rice according to the difference in the optical characteristics of the rice, so as to achieve the effect of improving the quality of the rice and removing impurities. Rice color sorter is mainly composed of feeding system, optical sorting device, control system, lighting system and air system.

The material enters the machine through the top hopper, and enters the upper end of the material distribution tank through the vibration of the vibrator. The selected material will slide along the material trough to the sorting room, and the image sensor can accurately obtain the color information of the material through the illumination of the light in the sorting room.

The sensor compares the detected color with the set color. When the color signal exceeds the set range, it will be judged as a non-conforming product.

After the control system receives the message, it delays accurately, and when the target material reaches the center of the injection, it drives the solenoid valve to inject high-pressure airflow, so as to blow the unqualified material into the waste box, and the qualified material will naturally fall to the material box middle.

At the same time, the rice color sorter is also equipped with infrared lighting. When the material passes through, it is scanned by the infrared light. It can also identify the material according to its shape and material. It can also be based on shape and material, which greatly improves the ability of the color sorter to screen materials.

How to choose a rice color sorter

The quality of rice is one of the indicators for purchasing rice. Only the quality of rice can prompt consumers to buy. How to choose a high-quality rice color sorter?

1. Choose the model and size of the color sorter according to the daily output of the company’s rice processing. Under normal circumstances, the processing capacity of each channel is kg/hour. If a small color sorter is used, the daily processing capacity can reach about 10 tons (8 hours/day). Considering small township enterprises and utilization benefits, small and dual channels can be selected Color sorter.

2. The color sorting accuracy and the take-out ratio of the rice color sorter are important indicators to measure the quality of the color sorter. In general, the color sorting accuracy is greater than the take-out ratio and the take-out ratio is less than 1:8. From the operating point of view, the use of a touch-screen intelligent operating system can reduce the operator’s learning and mastery of computer language.

From the perspective of after-sales service, it is a better plan to choose domestic products with better qualifications. At present, the quality of color sorters produced by domestic companies is comparable to that of foreign brands, and there are after-sales service and professional maintenance centers. Convenient advantage.

3. Purchase a color sorter with color linear CCD sensor. The rice color sorter is aimed at the difference in general physical characteristics between yellow and black grain rice and normal white rice. It cannot be removed by conventional cleaning methods. Only the difference in color and reflectance between yellow and black grain rice and white rice can be used. , Use photoelectric colorimetric method and equipment to remove it, also called photoelectric color sorter.

Photoelectric sensors are the eyes of color sorters. Commonly used photoelectric sensors include silicon photocells, black and white linear arrays, color linear CCDs, etc. Considering the number of color sorting categories and service life, choose a color sorter with color linear CCD sensors Advantages.

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