How To Choose a Corn Thresher

How To Choose a Corn Thresher

A high-efficiency corn thresher can be automatically adjusted according to the size of corn, suitable for corn threshing of various sizes, adjustable threshing depth, and long life. Corn threshers are usually made of special stainless steel, so how to choose a suitable corn thresher? How much does it cost? 

The price of corn thresher is not very high, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars; you can choose the price that suits you according to your needs!

How to choose a corn thresher

Although the born of corn thresher has driven the development of the agricultural economy, it is deeply loved by customers. However, due to the chaos of the market, it cannot guarantee the quality of the products, and many customers will fail after buying the machine. Here we will take a look at how to choose a corn thresher.

The first thing to consider is the treatment method of the straw. The existing small corn threshers are equipped with straw crushing and returning machines,while the ear picking operation is performed, the corn stalks are crushed and thrown into the ground to realize the straw returning to the field. However, due to animal husbandry and aquaculture development, the demand for corn stalks as a feed is also increasing. Farmers in many areas require that when harvesting corn ears, it should keep the stalks or the crushed stalks should be recycled for breeding. Industry. Therefore, some thresher manufacturers have proposed a straw recovery plan, which can retain and recycle the whole corn straw. These devices require users to configure according to actual local needs.

Second: the principle to be considered is regional applicability.

Most of the small corn threshers currently produced in my country are required to be harvested in rows, and the corn planting row spacing varies widely in various parts of my country. The regional adaptability of existing corn threshers is limited. The non-row corn thresher adapts to various row spacings, does not need to manually open auxiliary cutting roads, and can be operated from any position in the field with high operating efficiency, and is very suitable for cross-region machine harvesting by operators. Therefore, the wrong line corn thresher is the first choice for users.

Finally: Consider the return on investment

Corn threshers are mainly divided into three types: self-propelled, traction and knapsack. The self-propelled type unit is huge, the price is higher, and the investment recovery period is long; the traction type unit is long, reaching 13 meters to 15 meters, which is not suitable for small plots. 

Considering the factors such as the planting plots, economic level and technical level of corn thresher in the vast rural areas of some country, it is appropriate to choose the backpack type at present. The knapsack model can use the existing tractors, the one-time investment is relatively small, and the operation efficiency is not low. The investment return is generally about 2 years, and the maneuverability and operability of operation are good. It should be the preferred model at present. 

Purchasing tips for large corn thresher

The automatic large-scale corn thresher has the advantages of clean threshing and high work efficiency. First, we need to choose reliable products to give full play to the benefits and performance of the large-scale corn thresher. What aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing a large-scale corn thresher:

  • Don’t buy an outdated machine. The outdated machine will be replaced in a few years, and there will be a lack of accessories in the later stage. It is recommended to buy a new large corn thresher.
  • When purchasing machines, you can compare them, try to buy them from manufacturers, especially those who have been in the industry for many years, because the short-term manufacturer’s technology may not be too mature, which directly affects the after-sale of the product, and the manufacturer’s price is more appropriate.
  • Buy the machine, check if there are friends around who use this machine, and consult how to use it, efficiency, etc.
  • Go to the manufacturer to inspect and see the production process. In addition, the factory is required to do a good job in testing to avoid problems in use.

Commonly used large corn thresher features

1. It can be used for both dry and wet purposes, which significantly improves the work efficiency of corn removal, which is hundreds of times that of artificial corn removal.

2. The product quality is excellent, the technology is mature, the performance is stable, and the annual market sales are hundreds of units.

3. The main shaft is thickened and the bearing is enlarged, which is more durable.

4. Multi-layer and layered screening, the grain is cleaner and can be directly put into the warehouse.

5. Unique spindle design, low crushing rate and high efficiency

6. The heightened design of the grain receiver (hoist) can be directly transported on the vehicle and is widely used.

7. The structure is novel, the craftsmanship is exquisite, and the practicability is strong. The corn kernels and corn husks are automatically separated, and the net removal rate has reached 99%. It is a good helper for the majority of friends to get rich.

Technical parameter:

Dimensions5200×2200×5300 length×width×height (beam lifter working state)/5200×2200×5300 length×width×height (non-working state)
Supporting power24.2kw
Spindle speed650r/min
Gravurewrap angle 360°, adjust gap 4.5mm
Production efficiency30-40 tons/h
Threshing drumdiameter 500mm length 1500mm

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